Past Senior Thesis Titles

NES 2016–2017 Seniors and Their Thesis Titles

Aslam, Hammad. “The Federated Khanate: Development of Baloch Sub-Nationalist Conflict in Pakistan 1947–1958.” Adviser: Daniel J. Sheffield.  

Catanzaro, Alice. “Internet Fatwahs and Cyber Shaykhs: The Effects of Internet Islam on Notions of Scholarly Authority in Morocco.” Adviser: M. Qasim Zaman.

Everett, Hannelora. “An Uphill Battle: Challenging Assumptions about Military Service and the Integration of Minority Groups in Israel.” Adviser: Jonathan M. Gribetz.

Lim, Preston. “Keeping Aphrodite’s Island: The Evolution of British Counter-Insurgency during the Cyprus Revolt of 1955–1959.” Adviser: M. Şükrü Hanioğlu.

Madorsky, Natasha. “Forging Our Narrative: Toward a New Vision of Counter Terrorism.” Adviser: Bernard A. Haykel.

Murbarak, Zeena. “Backwards Women: Disrupting Narratives of Progress through Folklore.” Adviser: Satyel Larson.                       

Vogel, Justin. “Why Can’t Palestine Bridge the Digital Divide?  The Role of the Israeli Occupation, Palestinian Governance, and Foreign Aid Policies.” Adviser: Amaney A. Jamal.


NES 2015–2016 Seniors and Their Thesis Titles

Allen, Danielle. “The Scorched Earth: Analysis of Syria’s Self-induced Medical Crisis.” Adviser: M. Şükrü Hanioğlu.     

Cebeci, Ali. “Navigating by the Stars: A Case-Study of Hadith Commentary.” Adviser: Hossein Modarressi.

Gelman, Samuel. “Messiah Complex: Ethiopian Immigration to Israel in the American Jewish Press, 1970–1992.” Adviser: Jonathan M. Gribetz.

Hanna, Andrew. “From Berbers to Imazighen: Contested Amazigh Identity in Morocco from 1912–2011.” Adviser: Michael Barry.           

Jacobs, Sarah. “A Bitter Aftertaste of Jasmine: Islamic State Recruitment of Tunisian Fighters.” Adviser: Michael A. Reynolds.

Maffey, Kate. “Helmets and Hijabs: Gender Roles in the Jordanian Military and Police Force.” Adviser: Sara D. Pursley.     

O'Brien, Erin. “Rethinking the Veil in Contemporary Iran: Beyond the Orientalist Discourse.” Adviser: Satyel Larson.

Peacock, Stevie. “Music as Resistance: Female Palestinian Singers Confront Political and Gender-based Oppression with the Performance of Identity.” Adviser: Lara Harb.

Rinker, Tori. “Silicon Valley of the Kings: Entrepreneurship Promotion Initiatives in Egypt 2007–2016.” Adviser: Michael A. Cook.       

Robinson, Jasmine. “Islamist Perspectives: Morocco’s Family Law Reform Movement.” Adviser: Eve Krakowski.           

Stein, Mark. “Christian Arabs and the Israel Defense Forces: Motivations for Enlistment.” Adviser: Jonathan M. Gribetz.

Zucker, Jacob. “Strategic Ambiguity: The PLO and Political Violence in the Intifada Period (1987–2005).” Adviser: Cyrus Schayegh.


NES 2014–2015 Seniors and Their Thesis Titles

Cerf, Alexandra. “A Nation Is a Flag and a Football Team: Inclusion and Exclusion in Qatari Football and Society.” Adviser: Kevan K. Harris.

Crandall, Warren. “Linde v. Arab Bank and the Perspective Dichotomy: Ramifications of American Litigation in Jordan.” Adviser: Cyrus Schayegh.

Czajkowski, Ellyssa. “The Symbolic Veil: The Deeper Meanings behind French and Iranian Veiling Regulations.” Adviser: Hossein Modarressi.

Dube, Conor. “The Coming Vanguard: A Critical Perspective on Sayyid Qutb’s Theory of  Jāhiliyya.” Adviser: Michael A. Cook.

Fauber, Ryan. “Empire’s Fulcrum: Examining the United States Drone Program in the Pakhtûn Tribal Areas of Pakistan as the Successor to a Millennium of Regional Military Strategic Realities.” Adviser: Michael Barry.

Folawiyo, Faridah. “Lebanon Recaptured: Photography, Appropriation and Nostalgia in Post-war Lebanon.” Adviser: M’hamed Oualdi.

Herson-Hord, Mason. “SUMUD TO INTIFADA: Community Struggle in Palestine and the Western Sahara.” Adviser: Max D. Weiss.

Ioannou, Filipa. “Two Models of Islamic Statehood: State, Faith, and the Fate of Man in the Political Thought of Abu’l’Ala Mawdudi and Ruhollah Khomeini.” Adviser: M. Qasim Zaman.

Lawrie, Rachel. “Accusations of Textual Corruption: The Qur’ān’s Relationships to the Jewish and Christian Scriptures.” Adviser: Emmanuel Papoutsakis.

Mousavian, Mohammad. “Rural Health Care in Central Iran: A Study from the Patients’ and the Government’s Perspectives.” Adviser: Mirjam Künkler.


NES 2013–2014 Seniors and Their Thesis Titles

Alhayek, Ruwa. “Degendering the Movement: An Intersectional Reading of Islamist Women in Jordan.” Adviser: Bernard A. Haykel.

Alnifaidy, Redab. “Spiritual Equality of the Sexes: An Analysis of Republican and Islamist Ideologies on Women in Twentieth-century Sudan.” Adviser: Michael A. Cook.

Beck, Quinton. “Soviet Language Policy: Learning from the Case of Tajikistan.” Adviser: Michael A. Reynolds.

Brown, Christian. “The Palestinian Arab Vision: Options, Identity, and Higher Education in Israel.” Adviser: Cyrus Schayegh.

Grove, Richard. “Privatization, New Public Management and Non-Revenue Water in Jordan.” Adviser: Jennifer A. Widner.

Herskind, Jacob. “The Military Evolution of Hezbollah: A Behavioral Analysis of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon 1982–2006.” Adviser: Michael A. Reynolds.

Kalu, Uchechi. “A Study on Blackness: Palestinian Identity in Israeli Settler Colonialism.” Adviser: Max D. Weiss.

Kalvaria, Miranda. “Healing Like a State: Sex Reassignment Surgeries and Assisted Reproductive Technologies in the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Adviser: Mirjam Künkler.

Mansour, Nadirah. “From Nationalism to Public Piety: The Faces of Islamic Religious Authority in the Palestinian Context (1929–1935, 1951–1967).” Adviser: Cyrus Schayegh.

Nelson, Maria. “A Bloodless Wound? Queer Palestinian Women’s Narratives of Self, Activism, and Queer Becoming.” Adviser: Cyrus Schayegh.

Nimr, Ramzi. “The Thousand-Headed Hydra: Using Evolutionary Principles of Asymmetric Warfare to Combat Non-Liberal Insurgencies.” Adviser: Michael Barry.

Urquhart, Caroline. “Integrating Gulf Aid: A Case Study of Humanitarian Assistance from Gulf Donors to the Syrian Refugee and IDP Crisis, 2011–present.” Adviser: Bernard A. Haykel.

Valentine, Colin. “Sectarianism in Arab Media: An Analysis of Al-Arabiya and Al Jazeera Narratives in Syria, Iraq, and Arabia.” Adviser: Michael A. Cook.

Wright, Eleanor. “Mischief in Istanbul: Giovanni Scognamillo and Turkish Horror Fiction.” Adviser: Nilüfer Hatemi.


NES 2012–2013 Seniors and Their Thesis Titles

Al-Thani, Saud. “The Ties That Bind: Collective Identity and Familiality as Depicted by Manuscript Fragments from the Cairo Geniza.” Adviser: Michael Barry.

Barnhard, Gavi. “Minority Report: Muslim Minorities, Fiqh al-Aqalliyyat and Religious Authority in Contemporary Europe.” Adviser: Hossein Modarressi.

Faris, David. “Social Media Revolutions?: Assessing the Role of New Media and Networking Technologies in the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions.” Adviser: Michael A. Reynolds.

Glasserman, Aaron. “Accidents of Institutionalization: State Policy, Sectarian Interest, and the China Islamic Association.” Adviser: Mirjam Künkler.

Hagstrom, Eric. “Al Jazeera’s and Al Arabiya’s Reporting on the Arab Spring: Propaganda to Advance Qatari and Saudi Foreign Policies?” Adviser: Elvire Corboz.

Hassan, Areej. “Spring on the Nile: Girifna’s Role in the Politics of the Sudan and the Future of the National Congress Party.” Adviser: Bernard A. Haykel.

Joyce, Robert. “Training for Tahrir: Palestine in the Egyptian Political Narrative from Nasser to the 2011 Revolution.” Adviser: Max D. Weiss.

Ledford, Thomas. “Ideals at the Front: Radical Politics and their Polarization in Single Party Turkey.” Adviser: M. Şükrü Hanioğlu.

Martin, Brianna. “‘What I shall tell you’: The Implications of Documenting Rape and Sexualized Violence in the Syrian Revolution.” Adviser: Max D. Weiss.

Nealon, Kendra. “Microfinance Lending for Women in Jordan and Palestine: A Study of Its Impact on Women’s Empowerment.” Adviser: Liora R. Halperin.

Pereira, Melanie. “The Challenges of Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of Egypt, 2004–2013.” Adviser: Bernard A. Haykel.

Smith, Alexander. “Mental Health Care in Rural Iran: Historical Development, Actual Practice, and Future Improvements.” Adviser: Kevan K. Harris.

Ukani, Shehzad. “The Face of Annihilation: Unveiling the Feminine Manifestation of the Divine Through the Story of Laylā and Majnūn.” Adviser: Michael Barry.


NES 2011–2012 Seniors and Their Thesis Titles

Balsam, Pinchas. “Translation: The People of the Cave by Tawfiq al-Hakim.” Adviser: Andrew Arsan.

Bordewich, Chloe. “The Democracy of Disorder: Egypt’s Revolution and the Reinvention of Historical Narrative.” Adviser: Bernard A. Haykel.

Brodie, Kerry. “The Young and the Restless: Palestinian Israeli Youth Between the First and the Second Intifadas.” Adviser: Daniel Kurtzer.

Cohen, Rivka. “Multiculturalism in Meadows of Gold: A Case Study of Intercultural Sentiment during the 10th Century Persian Invasion of Iraq.” Adviser: Bernard A. Haykel.

Costello, Katherine. “The Representation of Social Issues in Turkish Television Dramas.”  Adviser: Robert Finn.

Hornbuckle, Lindsey. “Educating Bureaucrats in the Mughal Empire & Militants in Modern Pakistan: A Brief History of Madrasa-State Relations (1658–1988).” Adviser: Michael Barry.

Igeh, Amina. “A State in All But Name: The Case for Somaliland’s International Recognition.” Adviser: Anne-Marie Slaughter.

Mazor, David. “The Sword and the Shield: U.S. Tank Employment in Support of Counterinsurgency Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.” Adviser: Michael A. Reynolds.

Reilly, Connor. “Atatürk and Reform: Influences and Reactions.” Adviser: H. Akın Ünver.

Zhu, Grace. “Muslims in the Communist World: A Comparison of Uyghur And Bosnian Muslim National Identities.” Adviser: Michael Barry.


NES 2010–2011 Seniors and Their Thesis Titles

Bowman, Abigail. “The Legs of Şahmeran: A Translation of Murathan Mungan.” Adviser: Robert Finn.

Craig, Michael. “Lessons From The Sons of Iraq: Assessing the Feasibility of An Afghan Local Defense Program.” Adviser: Michael Barry.

Davila, Kristen. “Againistan: Buried Alive in the Graveyard of Empires.” Adviser: Michael Barry.

Goldman, Zoe. “‘Putting Islam to Work’ in Malaysia: The Redefinition and Implementation of Islamic Norms under Mahathir bin Mohamad 1981–2003.” Adviser: Michael Laffan.

Heistein, Ari. “Up In Smoke: How to Reduce the Rate of Illicit Substance Abuse among Negev Bedouin.” Adviser: Eran Kaplan.

Kunze, Elizabeth. “This Place Is Mine: Nine Short Stories by Hoda Barakat.” Adviser: Nancy Coffin.

Morris, Janelle. “Unlocking Economic Potential: Fostering an Environment for Female Entrepreneurs to Rebuild the Economy in Afghanistan.” Adviser: Robert Finn.

Oseroff, Benjamin. “The Ethics of Prevention: Counseling, Consanguinity, and Premarital Testing for Beta-Thalassemia in Jordan.” Adviser: M. Qasim Zaman.

Schutz, David. “Zionism: 40 Million Christians, 10 Million Jews.” Adviser: Eran Kaplan.

Scott, Brittney. “Children of the Second Intifada: Palestine’s Future in the Hands of Youth Development NGOs.” Adviser: Cyrus Schayegh.

Thompson, Alexander. “Kurdistan or Absurdistan?: 30 Years of Expanding Iraqi Kurdish Autonomy in the Face of Foreign Interventions and Inter-tribal Warfare.” Adviser: Cyrus Schayegh.

Williams, Sarah. “Three Looks at Ottoman Architecture and Urbanism in Thessaloniki.” Adviser: Robert Finn.


NES 2009–2010 Seniors and Their Thesis Titles

Anderson, C. Logan. “Pit Bull Is a Turkish Dog Race: Nationalist Myth and the Imagery of Turkism, Pan-Turkism, and Pan-Turanism in Social Media.” Adviser: Robert Finn.

Bishop, Sonya. “Welcoming the Millennium: Examining the Mahdi of Sudan through Nineteenth Century Ghost Dance, Tuka, and Colonialism.” Adviser: Michael Barry.

Cassin, Alice. “A Place in the Sand: Karl Twitchell, William Eddy and American Involvement in Saudi Arabia 1930–1960.” Adviser: Pascal Ménoret.

Jaeger, Samantha. “Institutionalizing ‘ird: The Reinforcement of Female Sexual Honor in Egypt through Medicalization of Female Genital Mutilation and Virginity.” Adviser: Cyrus Schayegh.

Jaouad, Suleika. “From the Patriarchal Family to the Patriarchal State: The ‘Woman’s Question’ in Contemporary Tunisian History.” Adviser: Amaney Jamal.

MacFarlane, Eliza. “Neither Sentiment Nor Illusion: The Emergence of the Abkhaz, Chechen and Crimean Tatar Diasporas and their Influence on Turkish Policy in the 1990s.” Adviser: Heath Lowry.

McCall, Peter. “Interest, Investments, and Islam: The Function and Significance of the Shari’a Supervisory Board in the Islamic Financial Services Industry.” Adviser: Hossein Modarressi.

Naim, Farah. “The influence of Agha Khan I and the British Empire on the Unification of the Nizari Isma’ili Khoja Identity in Bombay in the Nineteenth Century.” Adviser: Michael Barry.

Osterman, Amy. “The Grand Ayatollah of Iraq & the Sectarian Violence in the Aftermath of Large-Scale Bombings in Baghdad, 2004–2009.” Adviser: Michael A. Reynolds.

Thompson, Michelle. “Islam and the Black Body: An Investigation of the Role and Instrumentalization of Islam in Two African American Communities.” Adviser: Wallace Best.

Walle, Spencer. “‘Truth is not the Monopoly of Any One Religion’: Dara Shikoh and Religious Syncretism in Mughal India.” Adviser: Michael Barry.

Wood, Allison. “The Story of Liberal Islam: Sources of Controversy in Egypt and Indonesia.” Adviser: Michael Laffan.


NES 2008–2009 Seniors and Their Thesis Titles

Becker, Flannery O. “Change of Equality: How the Women’s Rights Movement in Iran has Progressed Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.” Adviser: Mirjam Künkler.

Beers, Theodore. “Literary Perceptions of the Arab-Islamic Conquest of Persia.” Adviser: Michael Barry.

Irwin, Anna. “Turkey’s Tension between ‘Reform and Deform’ of Family Planning.” Adviser: M. Şükrü Hanioğlu.

Soval-Levine, Isaiah. “Istanbul to Islambol: The Transformation of a City through Migration, Globalization, and the Creation of an Islamist Identity.” Adviser: Heath Lowry.

Shiliwala, Wasim. “The Rise of National Muslim Educational Institutions in America.” Adviser: M. Qasim Zaman.


2007–2008 Seniors and Their Thesis Titles

Bierman, Lauren. “Medicine Mitigating Conflict: A Strategy for Creating Lasting Peace in the Arab-Israeli Conflict.” Adviser: Robert Finn.

Bunzel, Cole. “Myth, Tragedy, and Arabic Irredenta: al-Andalus in Muslim Perceptions.” Adviser: Michael Barry.

Freer, Courtney. “War in the Name of Policy: The Advent of a New Muslim Politics.” Adviser: Bernard A. Haykel.

Gheiler, Jessica. “Re-Conceptualizing the Patron & Client: The Case of a Professional NGO in Rural Palestine.” Adviser: Mirjam Künkler.

Harper, Emma. “Inflexible Images: The Effects of Ethnographic Maps on Macedonian Nationalism 1878–1906.” Adviser: M. Şükrü Hanioğlu.

Lizzio, Celene. “Pragmatics and the Qur’an: A Juxtaposition of Modern Visionary Hermeneutics.” Adviser: M. Qasim Zaman.

Thomas, Michelle. “The development of Female Egyptian Identity 1919–1970.” Adviser: M. Qasim Zaman.

Muller, Peter. “Dot Com Dictatorship: The Internet and Authoritarian Empowerment in the Middle East and North Africa.” Adviser: Julie Taylor.

Oz, Daphne. “A Turk of All Trades—Exploring the Artist’s Identity in Flux: An Interview with Orhan Pamuk.” Adviser: Michael Barry.

White, Carron. “Negotiating Equality at Home and Abroad: Egyptian Copts and the Coptic Diaspora.” Adviser: Shaun Marmon.

Wolfe, Josh. “The Arab World and the Palestinian Conflict: With Case Studies of Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt.” Adviser:   Max D. Weiss.