Persian Courses (Fall)

*PER 101

Elementary Persian na, npdf
Professor: A. Mahallati

Description/Objectives: Persian 101 is an introductory course. Its general purpose is to familiarize students with the sounds, letters, basic grammar of Persian language, and basic communication skills. The students will learn to read texts of elementary narrative style paragraphs coherently and with reasonable accuracy, and develop cultural awareness through readings and class discussions.

Sample Reading List: Stilo & Clinton, 'Spoken & Written Modern Persian'

Reading/Writing Assignments: Preparation of one lesson or more from the text. Written exercises, oral drills and language lab.

Final Exam 30%
Class/Precepts Participation 30%
Quizzes 40%

Limitations: Maximum enrollment: 15.

PER 105

Intermediate Persian na, npdf
Professor: A. Mahallati

Description/Objectives: Persian 105 is designed to introduce students to intermediate level Persian. It stresses oral fluency, written expression, and reading comprehension; supplemented by language lab sessions and audio video aides. It will help the students to read texts of intermediate level difficulty communicate and converse in Persian in everyday situations write intermediate narrative style paragraphs coherently with reasonable accuracy.

Sample Reading List: Course packet

Reading/Writing Assignments: Five to ten page brief essay. Ten to twenty pages of reading, drills and exercises.

Final Exam 28%
Class/Precepts Participation 30%
Oral Presentation(s) 10%
Quizzes 42%

Prerequisites: PER 102 or permission of instructor.

Limitations: Maximum enrollment: 15.

Other Information: Reading material will include selected essays, short stories and poems from modern Persian, available in xerox copies.

*PER 301

Introduction to Classical Persian Literature(III, LA) na
Professor: Staff

Description/Objectives: An introduction to the language of classical Persian literature. Intensive reading and discussion of texts by major poets and writers from Rudaki to Hafez. Texts will vary from year to year.

Sample Reading List: Rudaki, 'selected qaside;'
Ferdowsi, Shahname, 'passages from the story of Sohrab and other tales'
Farrokhi, 'selected qaside'
Nezami Aruzi Samarqandi, 'selections from the Chahar Maqale'
Nizam al-Molk, 'selections from the Siyasatname'
Attar, 'The Story of Sheikh San'an from the Manteq ot tayr'

Reading/Writing Assignments: 5 - 30 pages of texts weekly

Final Exam
Other (See Instructor)

Prerequisites: PER 105.

Other Information: This course is designed to teach the language of classical Persian literature to students who know modern Persian well, and to provide them with practice in discussing and writing about literary works in Persian.