Persian Courses (Spring)

PER 102

Elementary Persian na, npdf
Professor: A. Mahallati

Description/Objectives: To develop the skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing modern Persian. The classes are conducted mostly in Persian with emphasis on oral drills and conversations.

Sample Reading List: Stilo & Clinton, 'Spoken and Written Modern Persian'

Reading/Writing Assignments: Reading assignment and related reading and writing exercises.

Midterm Exam 30%
Other Exam(s)
Class/Precepts Participation 40%
Quizzes 30%
Other (See Instructor)

Prerequisites: PER 101 or permission of instructor.

PER 107

Intermediate Persian na, npdf
Professor: A. Mahallati

Description/Objectives: The emphasis is on reading modern and classical prose, and writing modern prose. Classes are conducted mostly in Persian. Advanced grammar drills and translation

Sample Reading List: Modern poetry and prose

Reading/Writing Assignments: Varies widely.

Midterm Exam 20%
Class/Precepts Participation 40%
Paper(s) 20%
Quizzes 20%

Prerequisites: PER 105 or permission of instructor.