Princeton offers instruction in Modern Turkish and Ottoman Turkish, its historical predecessor. Turkish can be the vehicle for future study of the Turks of Central Asia and the Caucasus, an area rapidly opening up to Americans. In addition to a rich and varied literature, Turkish offers the student the opportunity to study from the inside the long and exhilarating history of the Turks in the Near East, from 1100 to the present. All language skills are stressed. Authentic language is introduced early to instill familiarity and thus put the learner at ease. Use of computer based multi-media learning aids--accessible in the dorms as well as in the language lab--and distribution of visual prompts for weekly writing assignments and other informational resources on the World Wide Web have been very effective.

There are several intensive summer language programs for Turkish in the United States as well as in Turkey, such as Bogaziçi University and Ankara University's certificate program in various locations in Turkey and Cyprus. Yearlong or one semester study abroad programs have also been arranged with Bogaziçi University in Istanbul. Often, summer internships with scientific projects, business, the media, or the Foundation for Women's Study in Istanbul, can be arranged for a total immersion into the culture.

The small department prides itself on the availability of its faculty, the richness of the library holdings, and the infinite variety of topics for independent research project for a junior or senior paper--in which many times the student will be doing original work.