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The mailing address for all members of the department:
Princeton University
Near Eastern Studies Department
110 Jones Hall
Princeton, New Jersey 08544-1008

Departmental Fax: (609) 258-1242
Main Office Phone: (609) 258-4280
Departmental Email:  

In order to make an appointment with the Chair, please direct your request to the Assistant to the Chair.

Administrative Staff

William Blair

William Blair
  • Editorial Assistant
Phone: 609-258-8746
Email: blairw@Princeton.EDU
Office: 09 Dillon Court West

Angela R. Bryant

Angela Bryant
  • Business Manager
Phone: 609-258-4204
Email: abryant@Princeton.EDU
Office: 111 Jones Hall

Julia Buelow-Gilbert

  • Assistant to the Chair and Office Coordinator
Phone: 609-258-4280
Office: 110 Jones Hall

Karen Chirik

Karen Chirik
  • Department and Program Manager
Phone: 609-258-4427
Email: kchirik@Princeton.EDU
Office: 109 Jones Hall

Tammy Fortson

Tammy Fortson
  • Technical Support Specialist
Phone: 609-258-0023
Email: tfortson@Princeton.EDU
Office: 215 Frist Campus Center

Linda R. Kativa

Linda Kativa
  • Events and Program Coordinator
Phone: 609-258-9572
Office: 111B Jones Hall

Jennifer Klumpp

  • Program Coordinator, Transregional Institute
Phone: 609-258-2178
Office: 6 Dillon Court East

James LaRegina

James Laregina
  • Graduate and Undergraduate Administrator
Phone: 609-258-4281
Email: laregina@Princeton.EDU
Office: 110 Jones Hall

Gayatri Oruganti

Gayatri Oruganti
  • Administrative and Lab Coordinator
Phone: 609-258-2434
Office: 220 Frist Campus Center

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