The Crisis in Afghanistan: America’s Involvement and the Implications of its Imminent Withdrawal

May 13, 2021, 12:00 pm1:00 pm
Zoom webinar
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Event Description

Afghanistan is potentially on the verge of another civil war and Kabul might fall to the Taliban. The recent bombing of a girls’ school is perhaps a tragic foretaste of what is in store. This talk, by Saad Mohseni, one of Afghanistan’s leading media entrepreneurs and political observers, will present the history of America’s involvement in the country, analyze the present situation and address the implications of the impending withdrawal of US troops. Mr. Mohseni will argue that the way in which this transition is managed will determine the country’s trajectory and the degree of violence it is likely to endure.


Described by the Asia Society as a ‘Game Changer’, Saad Mohseni has built a reputation as an innovative entrepreneur. His organization, MOBY Group, has become one of the fasted growing, diversified media companies in South and Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa.  As Chairman and Chief Executive of the group, Mr. Mohseni has been widely applauded for empowering civil society, promoting accountability from governments and defending women’s rights. Time magazine recognized him in 2011 as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, in 2013 Foreign Policy named him among its 100 Global Thinkers, in 2015 the BBC identified him as one of 10 men globally championing gender equality and more recently in 2016 he was featured in the Business Insider 100 “The Creators” list. Mr. Mohseni’s vision for MOBY Group focuses on three core values: Generating the best content for audiences in the region, fostering innovation and expanding into new frontier markets. MOBY Group has received several awards in recognition of its quality content and its activities span radio and TV broadcast, digital and online, creative solutions and strategic communications.  Mr. Mohseni is also a member of the International Advisor Council for the Middle East Institute (MEI).

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