2012 NES Departmental Prizes and Honors

June 4, 2012

NES held its 2012 Class Day Reception on June 4 in 1915 Hall at 3 p.m. At the reception, the Department and Program presented this year’s prize winners and announced departmental honors. Chloe Bordewich received Highest Honors and also won the Bayard and Cleveland Dodge Memorial Thesis Prize for her senior thesis, The Democracy of Disorder: Egypt’s Revolution and the Reinvention of Historical Narrative. Raphael Balsam and Grace Zhu both earned High Honors. Kerry Brodie, Rivka Cohen, and Katherine Costello all graduated with Honors. Costello also was awarded the Ertegün Foundation Thesis Prize for best senior thesis in Ottoman, Turkish, or Turkic Studies for her thesis, The Representation of Social Issues in Turkish Television Dramas, and shared the Eliot Kalmbach ’09 Memorial Fund Award for travel and research at the undergraduate level to Turkey/Turkic lands with Thomas Ledford and Michael Gibbs. Ledford also earned the F.O. Kelsey Prize for best second term junior paper for his JP on Politics and Style: Translation and Discussion of Two Turkish Short Stories. Tal Eisenzweig was awarded the Program in NES Senior Thesis Prize for her thesis The Jerusalem Light Rail Train: A Bumpy Ride in an Ethnically Polarized City. Raphael Balsam also earned the Robert & Lynne Fagles Senior Thesis Prize awarded for the best senior thesis in Comparative Literature in translation or creative writing.