2013 NES Departmental Prizes and Honors

June 3, 2013

NES held its 2013 Class Day Reception on June 3 in 1915 Hall. At the reception, the Department and Program presented this year’s prize winners and announced departmental honors. Aaron Glasserman received Highest Honors and also won the Bayard and Cleveland Dodge Memorial Thesis Prize for his senior thesis, “Accidents of Institutionalization: State Policy, Sectarian Interest, and the China Islamic Association.” Gavi Barnhard and Alexander Smith both earned High Honors. Smith also won the T. Cuyler Young Award for Iranian Studies for his thesis, “Mental Health Care in Rural Iran: Historical Development, Actual Practice, and Future Improvements.” Saud Al-Thani, Areej Hassan, Robert Joyce, Thomas Ledford, and Brianna Martin all graduated with Honors. Martin also won the N.E.S. Senior Thesis Prize for her thesis, “‘What I shall tell you’: The Implications of Documenting Rape and  Sexualized Violence in the Syrian Revolution,” while Ledford won the Ertegün Foundation Thesis Prize for Best Senior Thesis in Ottoman, Turkish, or Turkic Studies for his thesis, “Ideals at the Front: Radical Politics and their Polarization in Single-Party Turkey.” Eleanor Wright won the F. O. Kelsey Prize for Best Second Term Junior Paper for her JP, “Turkish or Not? Multiculturalism, Memory, and Identity in Roni Marguilies’s Gülümser, Çocukluğum Ardımdan.” Luke Yarbrough received the Bayard and Cleveland Dodge Memorial Prize for Ph.D. Dissertation for his dissertation, “Islamizing the Islamic State: The Formulation and Assertion of Religious Criteria for State Employment in the First Millennium AH.”