2016 Near Eastern Studies Honors and Prizes

May 30, 2016

Near Eastern Studies held its 2016 Class Day Reception in 1915 Hall. At the reception the Department and Program announced departmental honors and presented this year’s prize winners. Ali Cebeci and Andrew Hanna both earned Highest Honors, and Jacob Zucker earned High Honors. Jasmine Robinson was awarded the Bayard and Cleveland Dodge Memorial Thesis Prize for her thesis, “Islamist Perspectives: Morocco’s Family Law Reform Movement.” Elizabeth Banes won the NES Senior Thesis Prize for her thesis, “Treasures for the Mind: Butrus Nasri and the Making of a Chaldean Nation.” The T. Cuyler Young Award for Iranian Studies was presented to Jeremy Rotblat ’17 for his Spring Junior Paper, “He Who Knows his Soul’s True Source”: Reclaiming Nizami’s Haft Paykar as a “Spiritual Romance.” The F. O. Kelsey Prize for best second term junior paper went to Preston Lim ’17 for his JP, “The Prickly Thorn: A Re-evaluation of Orde Wingate and the Special Night Squads.” Sarah Sakha was awarded the Judith Laffan Memorial Prize for outstanding progress and dedication to the Arabic language. Simon Wolfgang Fuchs won the Bayard and Cleveland Dodge Memorial Prize for PhD Dissertation for his dissertation “Relocating the Centers of Shīʿī Islam: Religious Authority, Sectarianism, and the Limits of the Transnational in Colonial India and Pakistan.”