2017 Near Eastern Studies Honors and Prizes

June 5, 2017

Near Eastern Studies held its 2017 Class Day Reception in 1915 Hall on June 5. At the reception the Department and Program announced departmental honors and presented this year’s prize winners. Preston Lim and Zeena Mubarak earned Highest Honors, Alice Catanzaro earned High Honors, and Hammad Aslam and Natasha Madorsky earned Honors. Preston Lim was awarded both the Bayard and Cleveland Dodge Memorial Thesis Prize and the Ertegün Foundation Thesis Prize for Best Senior Thesis in Ottoman, Turkish, or Turkic Studies for his thesis, “Keeping Aphrodite’s Island: The Evolution of British Counter-Insurgency during the Cyprus Revolt of 1955–1959.” Alice Catanzaro (“Internet Fatwas and Cyber Shaykhs: The Effects of Internet Islam on Notions of Scholarly Authority in Morocco”) and Hammad Aslam (“The Federated Khanate: Development of Baloch Sub-Nationalist Conflict in Pakistan 1947–1958”) were both awarded a Near Eastern Studies Department Prize for an Outstanding Senior Thesis. Daniel Teehan won the Program in Near Eastern Studies Senior Thesis Prize for his thesis, “In the Shadow of the House of Redemption: A Story of Palestinian Political Theatre.” The T. Cuyler Young Award for Iranian Studies was presented to Emma Jones ’18 for her Junior Paper, “Towards an Islamic City?: An Investigation of the Urban Development of Bukhara in the Early Islamic Period.” The F. O. Kelsey Prize for Best Junior Paper was shared by Katie Tyler ’18 for her JP, “The 1960 Agadir Earthquake: A Case Study of Disappearing Jewish Communities in Morocco,” and Nick Jonsson ’18 for his JP, “After Hama: Tracing the Ideology, Rhetoric and Strategy of Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood, 1963–1984.” Sandy Ra ’19 was awarded the Judith Laffan Memorial Prize for outstanding progress and dedication to the Arabic language