2019 Near Eastern Studies Honors and Prizes

June 4, 2019

Near Eastern Studies held its 2019 Class Day reception in Studio 34, Butler College, on June 3. At the reception the Department and Program announced departmental honors and presented this year’s prize winners. Following opening comments by NES Chair M. Qasim Zaman, Departmental Representative Eve Krakowski introduced the five graduating seniors and described their theses. She then announced the departmental prize winners. Noah Hastings was awarded the Bayard and Cleveland Dodge Memorial Thesis Prize for his thesis, “Chasing Splendid Eccentrics: Robert Hamilton, Khirbat al-Mafjar, and Islamic Archaeology. Sophie Evans received the Near Eastern Studies Department Prize for an Outstanding Senior Thesis for her thesis, “The Literariness of Political Texts.” The T. Cuyler Young Award for Iranian Studies was presented to Mohammad Adnan for his thesis, “Limbs.” Finally, Samuel Prentice ’20 won The F. O. Kelsey Prize for Best Junior Paper for his JP, “A Surging Blackness: Ashraf Māzandarānī’s Vision of India.” Director of the Program in Near Eastern Studies Bernard Haykel then awarded the Program in Near Eastern Studies Senior Thesis Prize to Maha Al Fahim for her thesis, “Legacies of Revolution: Sources of Durability for the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Next, Director of Graduate Studies Michael Cook announced the graduate student prizes. Cole Bunzel won the Bayard and Cleveland Dodge Memorial Prize for PhD Dissertation for his dissertation, “Manifest Enmity: The Origins, Development, and Persistence of Classical Wahhabism (1153–1351/1741–1932),” and Deborah Schlein received the Near Eastern Studies Department Prize for an Outstanding PhD Dissertation for her dissertation, “Medicine without Borders: Tibb and the Asbab Tradition in Mughal and Colonial India.” Senior Lecturer and Director of the Arabic Language Program Nancy A. Coffin then announced the language prizes. Nicky Don received the Near Eastern Studies Senior Language Prize for Overall Achievement in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish, and Yu Jeong Lee ’22 was awarded the Judith Laffan Memorial Prize for Outstanding Progress and Dedication to the Arabic Language. Finally, Sophie Evans and Noah Hastings earned High Honors, and Brooke Smilen earned Honors.