Barry Awarded 2013 Le Prix du Cercle Montherlant

Oct. 31, 2013

Lecturer in Near Eastern Studies Michael Barry was awarded Le Prix du Cercle Montherlant for Literature on Art in the French language by the Académie des Beaux-Arts for his Cantique des Oiseaux d’‘Attâr illustré par la peinture en Islam d’Orient (Paris: Éditions Diane de Selliers, 2012). Containing a French translation of Attar’s Manṭiq al-Ṭayr by Leili Anvar, Cantique des Oiseaux presents 207 Persian, Turkish, Afghani, and Indo-Pakistani miniatures from the fourteenth to seventeenth centuries with expert commentary on the paintings by Barry. The book has also been nominated for 2014 Book of the Year on Persian Civilization by the National Iranian Academy. An English version, The Canticle of the Birds: Illustrated Through Persian and Eastern Islamic Art, with a translation into English of Manṭiq al-Ṭayr by Dick Davis, is scheduled to appear in early 2014.