Lewis Turns 100

May 31, 2016

Cleveland E. Dodge Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Emeritus, Bernard Lewis celebrates his 100th birthday today. Lewis, who held a joint position in the Department of Near Eastern Studies and the Institute for Advanced Studies from 1974 until his retirement in 1986, has authored many books on the history of Islam, the relations of the Muslim world with the West, and the Ottoman Empire. His works include: The Arabs in History; The Assassins: A Radical Sect in Islam; The Emergence of Modern Turkey; Islam and the West; Islam, from the Prophet Muhammad to the Capture of Constantinople; Istanbul and the Civilization of the Ottoman Empire; The Muslim Discovery of Europe; Notes on a Century: Reflections of a Middle East Historian; Political Words and Ideas in Islam; Population and Revenue in the Towns of Palestine in the Sixteenth Century (with Amnon Cohen); and Race and Slavery in the Middle East: An Historical Enquiry. He was also an editor of The Cambridge History of Islam; The Encyclopaedia of Islam, 2nd ed.; and Historians of the Middle East.