New Publication by Michael A. Reynolds

Wednesday, Feb 10, 2016

Volume XVII of Princeton Papers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, “Constellations of the Caucasus: Empires, Peoples, and Faiths,” has been published by Markus Wiener Publishers. Under the guest editorship of Near Eastern Studies Associate Professor Michael A. Reynolds, the issue includes an introduction by Reynolds and articles by Sean Pollock, Hirotake Maeda, Ronald Grigor Suny, and Michael Kemper and Shamil Shikhaliev.

“Caucasia marks the meeting place of East and West, Europe and Asia, Christendom and Islam. Indeed, the Caucasus Mountains are home to a bewildering diversity of languages and ethnicities. In the imaginations of multiple cultures and civilizations—Greek, Slavic, Arabic, Turkic, and Persian, to name a few—the region has served as a realm of legend and myth. Yet at the same time, Caucasia can also serve as a mirror to the outside, a site where one can trace the unfolding of processes that have shaped the broader world. Five leading scholars from around the globe explore the interaction of empires, peoples, and faiths in Caucasia throughout the centuries.”