New publication for NES Grad Students Luke Yarbrough and Oded Zinger

Nov. 4, 2011

The new edition of Heinz Halm’s The Arabs: A Short History (Princeton, NJ: Markus Wiener, 2012) includes an appendix of 150 pages of primary sources selected, edited, and in some cases translated by NES graduate students Luke Yarbrough and Oded Zinger. This new Appendix enhances the text’s value for instructors as well as for general readers. Some 40 primary source readings—ranging from Spain to Iraq, from classical Antiquity to the 2011 Arab Spring, and from poetry and scripture to medieval economics and travelogue—provide a classroom-ready component for courses in history, area studies, and religious studies. Several of the readings appear here for the first time in translation; all have been chosen to give vivid and representative accounts of the Arabs’ history as told by those who experienced it. Taken together, they offer readers a glimpse of the vast, richly textured mosaic of texts that have been generated by and about the Arabs, and they encourage greater exploration. The volume is a part of the department’s new series, Princeton Series of Middle Eastern Sources in Translation.