Associated Faculty

Associated Faculty

Molly Greene

  • Professor of History and Hellenic Studies
Phone: 609-258-1802
Office: 231 Dickinson Hall

Amaney Jamal

  • Edwards S. Sanford Professor of Politics
  • Director, Mamdouha S. Bobst Center for Peace and Justice
Phone: 609-258-7340
Office: 241 Corwin Hall

Lital Levy

  • Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
Phone: 609-258-4089
Office: 123 East Pyne Building

Shaun Marmon

  • Associate Professor of Religion
Phone: 609-258-4492
Office: 231 1879 Hall

Sabine Schmidtke

  • Lecturer with the rank of Professor in Near Eastern Studies

Jack Tannous

  • Associate Professor of History
  • Chair, Center for the Study of Late Antiquity
Phone: 609-258-8349
Office: 137 Dickinson Hall