Christine Roughan

CDH/MARBAS Postdoctoral Research Associate

Christine Roughan is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Center for Digital Humanities and Manuscript, Rare Book and Archive Studies. Christine earned her Ph.D. in the Ancient World from New York University in January 2023, where her doctoral work explored a premodern astronomical curriculum and its continued use in Greek and Arabic between the second and thirteenth centuries CE (with some influences also on scholarly activities in Syriac, Latin, Hebrew, and Persian). Christine's research applies computational approaches to the study of manuscript transmissions in the Mediterranean world, particularly of mathematical and scientific works. During her postdoctoral term at Princeton, Christine is leveraging deep learning tools to classify and analyze visual data from digitized manuscripts, with a particular focus on paratextual material. Her research and teaching in the digital humanities includes relational and graph database design, data visualization, natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning. Since 2022, Christine has also been involved with the Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine (IIP) digital epigraphy project at Brown University. For more on her work, visit