Duygu Coşkuntuna

  • 3rd-year Ph.D. student
Email: duyguc@princeton.edu
Office: Jones Hall

Cevat Dargin

  • 4th-year Ph.D. student
Email: cdargin@princeton.edu
Office: Jones Hall

Tarek Elsayed

  • Lecturer
Phone: 609-258-1372
Email: telsayed@princeton.edu
Office: 12 Dillon Court West

Yousef Elzalabany

  • Class of 2020
Email: yme@princeton.edu
Office: Jones Hall

Hannah Essien

Hannah Essen
  • Lecturer in the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies and the Program in African Studies
Phone: 609-258-1837
Email: hessien@princeton.edu
Office: 164B Louis A. Simpson International Building

Sophie Z. Evans

  • Class of 2019
Email: szevans@princeton.edu
Office: Jones Hall

Daniel Fields

  • 6th-year Ph.D. student
Email: df7@princeton.edu
Office: Jones Hall

Tammy Fortson

Tammy Fortson
  • Technical Support Specialist
Phone: 609-258-0023
Email: tfortson@Princeton.EDU
Office: 215 Frist Campus Center

Sarah Gordon

  • Class of 2020
Email: sjgordon@princeton.edu
Office: Jones Hall

Molly Greene

  • Professor of History and Hellenic Studies
Phone: 609-258-1802
Email: greene@princeton.edu
Office: 231 Dickinson Hall

Jonathan Gribetz

  • Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Studies and the Program in Judaic Studies
Phone: 609-258-7298
Email: gribetz@princeton.edu
Office: 116 Jones Hall

Andras Hamori

  • Cleveland E. Dodge Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Emeritus
Phone: 609-258-3006
Email: hamori@princeton.edu
Office: 27 Dillon Court West

M. Şükrü Hanioğlu

M. Sukru Hanioglu
  • Professor of Near Eastern Studies
  • Garrett Professor in Foreign Affairs
Phone: 609-258-5361
Email: hanioglu@princeton.edu
Office: 103 Jones Hall

Lara Harb

Lara Harb
  • Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Studies
Phone: 609-258-6722
Email: lharb@princeton.edu
Office: 114B Jones Hall

Noah Hastings

  • Class of 2019
Email: nhastings@princeton.edu
Office: Jones Hall

Nilüfer Hatemi

Nilufer Hatemi
  • Lecturer
Phone: 609-258-1435
Email: nhatemi@princeton.edu
Office: 211 Frist Campus Center

Bernard Haykel

Bernard Haykel
  • Professor of Near Eastern Studies
  • Director, Institute for Transregional Study of the Contemporary Middle East
  • Director, Program in Near Eastern Studies
Phone: 609-258-2176
Email: haykel@princeton.edu
Office: 107 Jones Hall

Thomas Hefter

Thomas Hefter
  • Lecturer
Phone: 609-258-7495
Email: thefter@princeton.edu
Office: 24 Dillon Court West

Nura Hossainzadeh

Nura Hossainzadeh
Phone: 609-258-4385
Email: nurah@princeton.edu
Office: 112 Jones Hall

Wafa F. Isfahani

Wafa F. Isfahani
  • M.A. student
Email: isfahani@princeton.edu
Office: Jones Hall