Faris Zwirahn

Email Address: 
Office Location: 
10 Dillon Court West

Areas of interests:

-Arabic language and literature

-Islamic thought and jurisprudence  

I am a lecturer of Arabic in the Near Eastern Studies Department. My interests in Arabic and the Arab world are very diverse. I received my BA in Arabic-English Translation from the University of Damascus in Syria. I also earned my MA in Middle Eastern Studies with a focus on Islamic thought from The CUNY Graduate Center. In 2010, I received a Fulbright Program (FLTA) scholarship. Since then, I have taught Arabic language and culture in many universities. Before Princeton, I was a full-time lecturer of Arabic at Columbia University in New York. Prior to that, I taught Arabic at Hunter College of CUNY as a part-time instructor for two years. The language classes I taught ranged from elementary to advanced levels. I also taught classes of Arabic literature in Arabic.

In addition to my interest in Arabic language and literature, I am interested in Islamic jurisprudence, modern Islamic thought, Muslims in North America, and Arabic and Islamic intellectual history. My current research interests concern exploring and comparing the works of certain contemporary Sunni Muslim scholars that call for a comprehensive renewal of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence).