Lindsey Stephenson

Postgraduate Research Associate
Office Location: 
11 Dillon Court West


Lindsey Stephenson is a Postdoctoral Research Associate affiliated with the Department of Near Eastern Studies and the Center for Digital Humanities. She is a social historian of the Middle East and Western Indian Ocean. Her most recent work looks at social and cultural transformation in the Persian Gulf in the early twentieth century. Her dissertation focused specifically on the migration of Iranians across the shores of the Gulf and the ways in which this phenomenon was shaped by state building projects and global capital markets. 

She is currently working on a project with the Center of Digital Humanities to create a database of court records from the British Political Agent's Court in Bahrain (1920-1950). These records represent a previously untapped source of social history in the Gulf, but the nature of the British Empire's involvement in the region, and the way in which various overlapping legal authorities managed mundane legal matters.

Lindsey's next project takes on the question of periodization in the Middle East, and specifically how the gradual experience of modernity in the Gulf region led to the reorientation of either shore away from the economic world of the Indian Ocean arena and inwards towards landed, nationalist subjectivities.