Peter Kitlas

Postgraduate Research Associate
Lecturer in Near Eastern Studies
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Jones Hall

Peter Kitlas is a Postgraduate Research Associate affiliated with the Department of Near Eastern Studies. He is an intellectual historian with a focus on Islam in the Mediterranean. His dissertation investigates the ways in which eighteenth-century Moroccan and Ottoman ambassadors defined and justified their increasingly important roles as international mediators.

He is currently working on transforming this project into a monograph, which will focus on the intellectual genealogies of friendship, justice, and objectivity in Moroccan and Ottoman diplomacies. In doing so, his research offers a connected history of the diverse and plural roots of modern international thought. 

He is currently teaching a seminar, “The Clash of Civilizations?" cross-listed in Near Eastern Studies, History, and Hellenic Studies. His work has appeared in The Mediterranean Studies JournalThe Journal of North African Studies, and The Encyclopedia of Islam 3. More information can be found on his personal website:


Publications List: 

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