Stephanie Luescher

6th-year Ph.D. student
Jones Hall

My dissertation focuses on a collection of notes assiduously scrawled onto copious manuscripts by a scholar living in Cairo at the turn of the sixteenth century, Muḥammad al-Muẓaffarī. These notes encapsulate the Cairene intellectual microcosm in which he moved and shed light on the book culture and the institutions of scholarly learning of medieval Cairo at a momentous historical watershed, the transition from Mamluk to Ottoman rule. In my quest to make sense of the hundreds of notes he left behind I employ digital humanities tools and hope to publish my data in order to share my research with a wider audience.

Before coming to Princeton, I studied Islamic Studies (Islamwissenschaft) as an undergraduate at the University of Zurich (BA) and as a graduate student at Freie Universität Berlin (MA).  

I am happy to answer emails of prospective graduate students!