Xinyi Wei

3rd-year Ph.D. student
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Jones Hall

I am interested in exploring the cultural and social interactions between the Persianate world and East Asia during the time of the Mongols. Prior to Princeton, I wrote my undergraduate thesis on the history of Islam in China at New York University in Abu Dhabi. Even though my research focused on the early modern period, the prominence of the Mongols in my primary sources turned my attention to the Mongol World Empire. Drawn to the phenomenon of cross-cultural exchange, I approached this topic from linguistic and culinary perspectives in my MA thesis at the University of Chicago. During my PhD studies, I hope to also look into other areas such as science, material culture, and religion.

I was born in Beijing, and I lived there until I moved to Abu Dhabi for my undergraduate studies. In an attempt to understand my surroundings, and to be able to answer questions from families and that of my own, I turned to history classes for answers. Instead, these classes threw more and more questions at me, and eventually they lead me here to Princeton.