Yaara Perlman

6th-year Ph.D. student
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Jones Hall


B.A.: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of Arabic Language and Literature; Department of Linguistics

M.A.: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of Arabic Language and Literature

Research and teaching experience: 

I am a sixth-year Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Near Eastern Studies, where my primary focus is on the history of the early Islamic period. My dissertation, “Family relations and politics in early Islam,” seeks to highlight the significance of female kinship—particularly maternal and milk relations—in securing political appointments during the lifetime of the Prophet, the period of the Rightly Guided Caliphs, and the Umayyad dynasty. Additional topics I have written about include idol worship in pre-Islamic Arabia, the caliph’s guard during the Umayyad and early ʿAbbāsid periods, as well as various topics pertaining to the Prophet Muḥammad’s Medinan period. 

During my studies at Princeton, I have been teaching assistant in two courses: "Introduction to the Middle East," taught by professor Michael Cook, and "The World of Late Antiquity," taught by professor Jack Tannous. Prior to my arrival in Princeton, I held several teaching positions at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: I worked as a teaching assistant in various courses of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, instructed a linguistics tutorial course, and taught two summer courses for prospective students of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, which aimed to improve their reading skills in advanced literary Arabic texts. In addition, I was an instructor in a number of Arabic language courses for both beginner and advanced level students at the Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School. 

Publications List: 

"The Assassination of the Jewish Poetess ʿAṣmāʾ bint Marwān," Peʿamim 132 (summer 2012):149–71 (in Hebrew).

“Al-Aws.” Encyclopaedia of Islam, THREE (first appeared online: 2014).

"The Bodyguard of the Caliphs during the Umayyad and the Early Abbasid Periods," al-Qanṭara 2015:315–40.

"The Tribal Affiliations of Shuraḥbīl ibn Ḥasana," Journal of Near Eastern Studies 79, no. 1 (April 2020): 113-24.

Al-Maqrīzī’s al-Ḫabar ʿan al-bašar. Vol. IV, Section 2: The Idols of the Arabs. Edited by Michael Lecker and translated by Yaara Perlman (forthcoming).