From al-Andalus to Khurasan: Documents from the Medieval Muslim World

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As in many areas of pre-modern history, the study of medieval Islamic history has been critically hindered by the lack of available evidence. Unlike many parallel fields, however, the shortage of contemporary documentary evidence for medieval Islam has less to do with the survival of documents and archives as with their accessibility.

A rich documentary legacy survives, but because of its inaccessibility and unfamiliarity to all but the most specialised scholars in the field, it has remained sadly underutilised. This volume contributes to the redressing of that problem. It collects papers given at the conference "Documents and the History of the Early Islamic Mediterranean World," including editions of unpublished documents and historical studies, which make use of documentary evidence from al-Andalus, Sicily, Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula, Syria and Khurasan.



Preliminary Materials. P. Sijpesteijn

“Romanced Documents, Bilingual Documents And Books Of Habices.” Camilo Álvarez De Morales

“From Muslim To Christian Hands: The Documents From The Municipal Archive Of Granada.” Emilio Molina López and María Del Carmen Jiménez Mata

“Water And Farm Estates In The Arabic Documents Of The Naṣrid Kingdom Of Granada.” Francisco Vidal Castro

“Notaries And Their Formulas: The Legacies From The University Library Of Granada.” Amalia Zomeño

“Trusting The Text As Far As We Canthrow The Scribe: Further Notes On Reading A Bilingual Jarīdat Al-Ḥudūd From The Royal Dīwān Of Norman Sicily.” Alex Metcalfe

“The Economics Of State Formation In Early Islamic Egypt.” Gladys Frantz-Murphy

“L’Apport De Papyrus Postérieurs À La Conquête Arabe Pour La Datation Des Ostraca Coptes De La Tombe Tt29.” Anne Boud’hors

“The Documentary Background To The History Of The Patriarchs Of Ps.-Sawīrus Ibn Al-Muqaffa’ CA. 750 969 C.E.” Frank R. Trombley

“An Early Arabic Business Letter.” Alia Hanafi

“The Archival Mind In Early Islamic Egypt: Two Arabic Papyri.” Petra M. Sijpesteijn

“A Tenth-Century List Of Payments Or Poll Tax Collecting On Paper From The Montserrat Collection.” Sofía Torallas Tovar

“Newly Discovered Arabic Documents From Early Abbasid Khurasan.” Geoffrey Khan

“Epigraphy And The Emergence Of Arab Identity.” Robert G. Hoyland


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Islamic History and Civilization
Leiden and Boston