The Arab-African and Islamic Worlds: Interdisciplinary Studies

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Edited by Ralph M. Coury, Ph.D. 1984

The chapters of this book offer a broad overview of the culturally rich, complex, and rapidly changing world of Arab-Islamic North Africa. The authors are scholars and professors who represent a wide range of nationalities, specializations, methodologies, and points of view. Fields of interest included in the volume are women and Islam, the Berber question, Islamic reassertion, U.S. foreign policy, the transnational Maghrebi migrant in Europe, film, music, and language and literature. This book provides valuable insights for students, scholars, and others interested in a part of Africa that has a venerable history and culture and that is becoming more and more intertwined with Europe and the United States.


Ralph M. Coury: Introduction – Lise Garon: Freedom for Moroccans? A Meaningful Case of the Development of a Stable Polyarchy – Azzedine Layachi: Islamism in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia and the Struggle for Change – Oliver Wilcox: Pivotal or Peripheral? The Maghreb in U.S. Foreign Policy – Michael J. Willis: Islamism in Algeria: The Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion – Asma Barlas: Sex, Texts, and States: A Critique of North African Discourses on Islam – David Crawford/Katherine E. Hoffman: Essentially Amazigh: Urban Berbers and the Global Village – Alec G. Hargreaves: The «Beurs»: Between and Beyond National Boundaries – Rafika Merini: A Socio-Literary Perspective of Women in the Maghreb: Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia – Stephanie S. Saad: Interpreting Ethnic Quiescence: A Brief History of the Berbers of Morocco – William C. Young: The Cultural Dimensions of the Sudanese Civil War – Roy Armes: Reinterpreting the Tunisian Past: Les silences du palais – Susan Ireland: The Second War of Algeria: The Representation of History in Fictional Works of the 1990s – R. Kevin Lacey: Western Movie Representations of Arab-African North Africa: The Sheltering Sky and the Question of Orientalism – John Maier: Literate Women in Three Moroccan Writers – Francis Poole: The Wind and the Lion: Myth versus Reality in the Life and Times of Moulay Ahmed al-Raisuli – Rod Skilbeck: Mixing Pop and Politics: The Role of Raï in Algerian Political Discourse – Ben Yarmolinsky: Some Remarks on Jilala Music from Tangier, Morocco.

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