Arts and Crafts in the Muslim World: Proceedings of the International Congress on Islamic Arts and Crafts, Isfahan, 04-09 October, 2002

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This book contains the papers that were presented at the Isfahan International Congress on Islamic Arts and Crafts. The papers are on various subjects including  Islamic architecture, the art of calligraphy, arts and cultural dialogue, Islamic paintings and miniature, the influence of Islamic arts and crafts on European art, traditional textiles, embroidery and costumes, revival of Islamic arts and crafts, tiles and ceramics, city life, jewelry, bazaars, papermaking, gilding, binding, and marbling (ebru), wooden arts and crafts, Islamic patterns and metal crafts. The reader will find in them points of view relating to various aspects of arts  and crafts such as the designs and methods used, technical cooperation and skill upgrading, exchange of techniques, improvement of product quality, education and training of artisans, finance, economy, marketing and the obstacles encountered, patronage and national policies. The book aims at the same time to promote awareness of Islamic arts and crafts in the world. It also provides a first preliminary assessment of the prospects of economic, social and cultural development of Islamic arts and crafts in various regions of the world. It contains 55 articles enriched with colour illustrations showing the richness of Islamic arts and crafts through their various applications in architecture, calligraphy, ebru, glass, wood, silver jewelry, miniatures, ceramics, embroidery, paintings, textiles, etc.

Series Title
Islamic crafts series
Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA)