The Arts of Iran in Istanbul and Anatolia: Seven Essays

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Edited by Olga M. Davidson, Ph.D. 1983

Many spectacular works of classical Persian art—miniature paintings as well as architectural decorations—survive to the present day, safeguarded in Istanbul and beyond. But the fragmentation of these works over time calls for careful historical research in reconstructing the history of the art. The seven essays in this book tell the story of this research, which aims to restore to their pristine glory the greatest visual treasures of Persian civilization.

This volume originated as a panel entitled "Perspectives on Persian Art in Istanbul Collections," held under the auspices of the Ilex Foundation at the Iranian Studies Conference in Istanbul on 4 August 2012.


Preface -- Introductory essay: image, text, and metatext / Olga M. Davidson -- At the outset of illustrated Shahnama manuscripts: the volume date 731/1330 in the Topkapi Sarayi Müzesi, Istanbul / Marianna Shreve Simpson -- The demimonde in Safavid painting / Sheila Canby -- Shiraz manuscripts during the time of Shāh 'Abbās I / Lâle Uluç -- The "big head" Shāhnāma in Istanbul and elsewhere: some codicological and iconographical observations / Charles Melville -- Emulation in the arts of the book: Baysunghur's two Kalīla wa Dimna manuscripts / David J. Roxburgh -- Persiante and Anatolian: tile decoration and its architectural context in medieval Anatolia / Oya Pancaroğlu – Contributors

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Ilex Foundation Series
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Ilex Foundation; Center for Hellenic Studies
Boston, MA; Washington, DC