The Cambridge History of Judaism. Vol. 5. Jews in the Medieval Islamic World

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Phillip Ackerman-Lieberman, Ph.D. 2007.

Volume 5 examines the history of Judaism in the Islamic World from the rise of Islam in the early sixth century to the expulsion of Jews from Spain at the end of the fifteenth. This period witnessed radical transformations both within the Jewish community itself and in the broader contexts in which the Jews found themselves. The rise of Islam had a decisive influence on Jews and Judaism as the conditions of daily life and elite culture shifted throughout the Islamicate world. Islamic conquest and expansion affected the shape of the Jewish community as the center of gravity shifted west to the North African communities, and long-distance trading opportunities led to the establishment of trading diasporas and flourishing communities as far east as India. By the end of our period, many of the communities on the 'other' side of the Mediterranean had come into their own—while many of the Jewish communities in the Islamicate world had retreated from their high-water mark.

  • Examines the history of Judaism in the Islamic World from the rise of Islam in the early sixth century to the expulsion of Jews from Spain at the end of the fifteenth
  • A definitive exploration of all aspects of Jewish life in the medieval Islamic world
  • Features essays written by an international team of contributors

Table of Contents

Introduction Phillip I. Lieberman
Part I. Jews in the Medieval Islamic World:
1. The Sources Stefan C. Reif
2. Jewish perceptions of and attitudes towards Islam and Muslims Ross Brann
3. Islamic attitudes and policies Mark R. Cohen
4. The Maghrib and Egypt Menahem Ben-Sasson and Oded Zinger
5. The Jews of Muslim Spain Jane S. Gerber
6. Beyond crescent and cross: Jews in medieval Syria and Sicily Brendan Goldman
7. Yemen and India from the rise of Islam to 1500 Amir Ashur and Elizabeth Lambourn
8. The Jews of Northern Arabia in early Islam Michael Lecker
9. Judaism in Pre-Islamic Arabia Christian Julien Robin
10. The Islamic east Ofir Haim
Part II. Social and Institutional History:
11. Demography and migrations Phillip I. Lieberman
12. Economic activities Jessica Goldberg
13. Jewish communal and religious organization Arnold E. Franklin
14. Schools and education Moshe Sokolow
15. The life cycle and the annual cycle in Genizah society Miriam Frenkel
16. The family Miriam Frenkel
Part III. Spiritual and Intellectual History:
17. Karaism Haggai Ben-Shammai
18. Non-Rabbinic and non-Karaite religious movements Fred Astren
19. Languages and translations Angel Saenz-Badillos and S. J. Pearce
20. Book production Judith Olszowy-Schlanger
21. Jewish bible exegesis in Muslim lands in the middle ages Mordechai Z. Cohen
22. Jewish law Gideon Libson
23. Liturgy Stefan C. Reif
24. Piyyuṭ Tova Beeri
25. Jewish philosophy Alfred Ivry
26. Science and medicine Gabriele Ferrario and Maud Kozodoy
27. Magic Gideon Bohak
28. Mysticism Sara Sviri
29. Belles-lettres Raymond P. Scheindlin
30. Jewish-Muslim polemics Haggai Mazuz
31. Historiography Katja Vehlow
32. Material culture and art Vivian Mann and Shalom Sabar.

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