The Conquest of Crete by the Arabs (ca. 824): A Turning Point in the Struggle between Byzantium and Islam

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Vassilios Christides, Ph.D. 1970.

Table of Contents

I. Greek sources - Arabic sources - Sources in other languages

II. Byzantine and islamic navies in the ninth and tenth centuries - Moslem naval centers - Ships. Technological superiority of the Arabs - Crews - Naval tactics and weapons - Greek fire - The moslem Cretan navy. Negro troops

III. The Moslem-Spanish conquerors of Crete - Expulsion of Abu Hafs from Spain to Crete - The destruction of Gortyne

IV. Natives and Moslems in Crete - The new order - The civilization of Moslems in Crete

V. Expansion and fall of the Moslem state of Crete - Neutralization of Cyprus - Reconquest of Crete

Greek summary

Appendix A. The various types of "greek fire". Fragment from the arabic ms. 3469 of Istanbul

Appendix B. Fragments from the life of Saint Theoctiste

Appendix C. The relics of Saint Valerius, etc.

Appendix D. Nicephoros Phocas. The Stadiodromikon

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