Democracy and Islam in the New Constitution of Afghanistan

TitleDemocracy and Islam in the New Constitution of Afghanistan
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsFadl KAbou El, al. et, Benard C, Hachigian N
CitySanta Monica, CA
ISBN Number0833033581

In January 2003, RAND called together a group of renowned experts with knowledge in the fields of Islamic law, constitution writing, and democracy, and with specific country and regional expertise. Their task was to identify ways in which the constitution of Afghanistan could help put the country on the path to a strong, stable democracy characterized by good governance and rule of law, in which Islam, human rights, and Afghanistan's international obligations were respected, Keeping in mind the realities of Afghanistan's current situation and drawing from the experiences of other countries, the group identified practical ideas, particularly about the treatment of Islam in the constitution, for those involved in the drafting of Afghanistan's new constitution.