East and West: Essays on Byzantine and Arab Worlds in the Middle Ages

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Co-editor Vassilios Christides, Ph.D. 1970.

Table of Contents

  • Preliminary note / V. Christides
  • Across the history
  • L'Afrique dans les Ethnika de Stéphane de Byzance / Jehan Desanges
  • Arabs, Turks and Chinese in central Asia during the first third of the 8th century, under the light of the Turkic Orkhon inscriptions: war and diplomacy / Stephanos Kordoses
  • The Arabs through Byzantine eyes (11th-12th centuries): a change in perception? / Nike Koutrakou
  • Regional government and social strife in the exarchate of Africa between the Persian invasion and the Arab conquest / Maria Leontsini
  • Had the Arabs military skills or tactics during their early conquests of Bilād al-Shām? / Tarek M. Muhammad
  • East and west: from the Ottoman Empire to Turkey / George Tsoutsos
  • Byzantins et arabes dans l'espace grec aux IXe et Xe siècles selon les sources hagiografiques locales et contemporaines / Panayotis A. Yannopoulos
  • Sea and trade
  • Mamluk ships and seamanship: a reappraisal / Vassilios Christides
  • The Fatimid state and Egypt's Mediterranean trade 10th-12th centuries / Y. Y. Lev
  • The reconstruction of the average Arab-Byzantine warship dromon-shīnī / George K. Livadas
  • Sulayamān al-Mahrī and his major work al-'Umda almahriyya fi dabt al-bahriyya ("Mahrian base in precise rendering of navigational sciences") / Theodore Shumovsky (ed. Alexander Matveev)
  • Early Islamic ports of Morocco: location and economical considerations / Athena Trakadas
  • Texts and documents
  • On Greeks and Greek culture in Sudan according to Ibn Dayfallāh's Kitāb al-Tabaqāt fī khusūs al-awliyā, wa-l-Sālihīn wa-l-'Ulamā wa-l-shu'arā fī l-Sūdān / Igor V. Guerasimov
  • An Arabic will written on a ship: P. ACPSI. No.15 (P. Rag) / Alia Hanafi
  • Diabolus in figura Aethiopis tetri Ethiopians as demons in hagiographic sources: literary stereotypes versus social reality and historic events / Dimitris Letsios
  • Egyptian major issues in Eutychius of Alexandria's Kitāb nazm al-ğawāhir / Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala
  • Medieval inscriptions from the renovated Museum at Jebel Barkal (Sudan) / Alexandros Tsakos
  • The index of kephálaia in the gospel of Luke in a Greek-Arabic MS from the 11th century (BnF, Suppl. gr.911) / Ángel Urbán
  • Lands, commerce and travellers
  • Sir Thomas Glover, English ambassador and consul in Istanbul, 1606-11 / Clifford Edmund Bosworth
  • Andreas Libadēnos' travel to Egypt and Palestine and its description (1325 or 1326) / J. Dimitroukas
  • Hellenic elements in a third century Chinese source on Roman Empire / Lin Ying
  • Art in its context
  • The perception of the crusader in late Byzantine and early post-Byzantine ecclesiastical painting in Epiros / Konstantinos Giakoumis
  • The first siege of Constantinople by the Arabs (674-678): problems - iconography / Katerina Karapli
  • The majestatic representations in the Syriac vat. cod. 559 / Manuel Marcos Aldón.
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Gorgias Eastern Christianity studies
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