Fayż Muḥammad Kātib Hazḥrah’s Afghan Genealogy and Memoir of the Revolution: Supplement to The History of Afghanistan

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Edited and translated by Robert McChesney, B.A. 1967 and Ph.D. 1973, and Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami.

This book comprises English translations of Nizhādnāmah-i Afghān (Afghan Genealogy) and Taakkur al-Inqilāb (Memoir of the Revolution), the culminating works of Fayż Muammad Kātib Hazārah’s monumental history of Afghanistan, Sirāj al-tawārīkh (The History of Afghanistan). Nizhādnāmah-i Afghān, a detailed guide to all the ethnic and religious communities in Afghanistan in the first third of the 20th century, is the first locally-produced ethnography by a modern Afghan scholar. The Taakkur al-Inqilāb is Fayz Muhammad’s journalistic record of seven of the nine months of Amīr abīb Allāh Kalakānī’s reign in 1929. Together with The History of Afghanistan these works offer an incomparable resource for the history of Afghanistan from the mid-18th to the mid-20th centuries.

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3 volumes in 6
Leiden and Boston
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Cloth: 9789004391826; ebook: 9789004392441