Humanitarian Islam: Reflecting on an Islamic Concept

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Co-editor Katharina Ivanyi, Ph.D. 2012

"Humanitarian Islam is an innovative concept that has begun emerging from the traditions of Islam in Indonesia in recent years. The most important contemporary Islamic organizations in Indonesia support it. Nevertheless, it seems to be unknown beyond the Southeast Asian context, despite its global potential, aspirations and claims. Moreover, the concept has not received any academic attention so far. This volume presents reflections on the idea of Humanitarian Islam by Muslim and non-Muslim scholars from Europe and beyond."

Table of Contents

  • Introducing a Concept: Humanitarian Islam / Katharina Ivanyi, Rüdiger Lohlker
  • Defining Humanist Hermeneutics. Case Study - Humanitarian Islam / Alina Isac Alak
  • Humanitarian Islam, the State, Fundamental Rights and the Free Democratic State / Hüseyin I. Çiçek
  • A Christian Perspective on Humanitarian Islam: Considerations on the "Gerakan Pemuda Ansor Declaration” / Jakob Helmut Deibl
  • Al-wāḥid al-kathīr: Ibn ‘Arabī’s Sufism and its Influence on the Humanitarian Islam Movement / Ghazaleh Faridzadeh
  • Sufism as the Guarantee for Humanitarian Islam? Contemporary Sufi Interpretations of shariʻa and raḥma / Yunus Hentschel
  • Can Humanitarian Islam Have an Influence Beyond Indonesia? / Ahmet T. Kuru
  • Islamic Heritage in Indonesia: A Collection of Texts / Rüdiger Lohlker
  • Fiqh Reconsidered: Indigenization and Universalization of Islamic Law in Indonesia / Rüdiger Lohlker.
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Religion and transformation in contemporary European society
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Brill; Schöningh
Cloth: 9783506790262; ebook: 9783657790265