Islamic Cultures, Islamic Contexts: Essays in Honor of Professor Patricia Crone

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This volume brings together articles on various aspects of the intellectual and social
histories of Islamicate societies and of the traditions and contexts that contributed to their
formation and evolution. Written by leading scholars who span three generations and
who cover such diverse fields as Late Antique Studies, Islamic Studies, Classics, and Jewish
Studies, the volume is a testament to the breadth and to the sustained, deep impact of the
corpus of the honoree, Professor Patricia Crone.


1. “Variant Traditions, Relative Chronology, and the Study of Intra-Quranic Parallels,” Joseph Witztum

2. “The Earliest Attestation of the Dhimma of God and His Messenger and the Rediscovery of P. Nessana 77 (60s ah/680 ce),” Robert Hoyland and Hannah Cotton

3. “Jewish Christianity and Islamic Origins,” Guy G. Stroumsa

4. “A Note on the Relationship between Tafsīr and Common Understanding with Reference to Contracts of Marriage,” Karen Bauer

5. “‘Earnest Money’ and the Sources of Islamic Law,” Gerald Hawting and David M. Eisenberg

6. “‘A Bequest May Not Exceed One-Third’: An Isnād-cum-Matn Analysis and Beyond,” Pavel Pavlovitch and David S. Powers

7. “Basra and Kufa as the Earliest Centers of Islamic Legal Controversy,” Christopher Melchert

8. “God’s Cleric: Al-Fuḍayl b. ʿIyāḍ and the Transition from Caliphal to Prophetic Sunna,” Deborah G. Tor

9. “Aḥmad ibn Ṭūlūn and the Politics of Deference,” Matthew S. Gordon

10. “Eighth-Century Indian Astronomy in the Two Cities of Peace,” Kevin van Bladel

11. “Greek Language and Education under Early Islam,” Maria Mavroudi

12. “Kalām and the Greeks,” Fritz W. Zimmermann

13. “‘Arabs” and “Iranians’: The Uses of Ethnicity in the Early Abbasid Period,” Michael Cooperson

14. “The Poetics of Cultural Identity: Al-Mutanabbī among the Būyids,” Margaret Larkin

15. “Must God Tell Us the Truth? A Problem in Ashʿarī Theology,” Khaled El-Rouayheb

16. “Administrators’ Time: The Social Memory of the Early Medieval State, East and West,” Chris Wickham

17. “An Eleventh-Century Justification of the Authority of Twelver Shiite Jurists,” Devin J. Stewart

18. “A Family Story: Ambiguities of Jewish Identity in Medieval Islam,” David J. Wasserstein

19. “What Happened in al-Andalus: Minorities in al-Andalus and in Christian Spain,” David Abulafia

20. “The Samaritan Version of the Esther Story,” Adam Silverstein

21. “New Evidence for the Survival of Sexually Libertine Rites among some Nuṣayrī-ʿAlawīs of the Nineteenth Century,” Bella Tendler Krieger

22. “Crone and the End of Orientalism,” Chase F. Robinson  



Series Title
Islamic history and civilization
Leiden and Boston