The Islamic Scholarly Tradition: Studies in History, Law, and Thought in Honor of Professor Michael Allan Cook

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The volume contains highly original articles on Islamic history, law, and thought, each either proposing new hypotheses or readjusting existing ones. The contributions range from studies in the formulation of the pre-Islamic Arabian calendar to notes on the "blood-money group" in Islamic law, and to transformations in Arabic logic in the post-Avicennan period. Prepared by former students of Michael A. Cook, to whom this volume is dedicated, these studies not only shed new light on the development of the Islamic scholarly tradition from various perspectives, but together they also represent the honoree's vast, profound, and continuing impact on the field.
This collection of highly empirical articles is intended for scholars and students specializing in various subfields within Islamic Studies.


“Introduction,” Michael Bonner

“‘Time Has Come Full Circle’: Markets, Fairs And The Calendar In Arabia Before Islam,” Michael Bonner

“The Waṣiyya Of Abū Hāshim: The Impact Of Polemic In Premodern Muslim Historiography,” Najam Haider

“Building An Egyptian Identity,” Petra M. Sijpesteijn

“The Battle Of The Ditch (Al-Khandaq) Of The Cordoban Caliph ‘Abd Al-Raḥmān III,” Maribel Fierro

“Dreams of Hagia Sophia: The Muslim Siege of Constantinople in 674 CE, Abū Ayyūb al-Ansạ̄rī, and the Medieval Islamic Imagination,” Nancy Khalek

“‘The Second Ottoman Conquest Of Egypt’: Rhetoric And Politics In Seventeenth Century Egyptian Historiography,” Adam Sabra

“Ḥabeşī Meḥmed Agha: The First Chief Harem Eunuch (Darüssaade Ağası) Of The Ottoman Empire,” Jane Hathaway

“‘I Entered Mecca . . . And I Destroyed All The Tombs”: Some Remarks On Saudi-Ottoman Correspondence,” Samer Traboulsi

“The ‘Āqila In Ḥanafī Law: Preliminary Notes,” Nurit Tsafrir

“Legal Doctrines, Historical Contexts And Moral Visions: The Case Of Sectarians In The Courts Of Law,” Nimrod Hurvitz

“The Legal Status Of Science In The Muslim World In The Early Modern Period: An Initial Consideration Of Fatwās From Three Maghribī Sources,” Justin Stearns

“‘I Have Seen The People’s Antipathy To This Knowledge’: The Muslim Exegete And His Audience, 5th/11th–7th/13th Centuries,” Karen Bauer

“Lex Mahomethi: Carnal And Spiritual Representations Of Islamic Law And Ritual In A Twelfth-Century Dialogue By A Jewish Convert To Christianity,” Leor Halevi

“Systematic Growth In Sustained Error: A Case Study In The Dynamism Of Post-Classical Islamic Scholasticism,” Asad Q. Ahmed


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Islamic history and civilization
Leiden and Boston