Mamluks and Ottomans: Studies in Honour of Michael Winter

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Edited by Ami Ayalon, Ph.D. 1980

Focusing on Near Eastern history in Mamluk and Ottoman times, this book, dedicated to Michael Winter, stresses elements of variety and continuity in the history of the Near East, an area of study which has traditionally attracted little attention from Islamists.

Ranging over the period from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century, the articles in this book look at the area from Istanbul down through Syria and Palestine to Arabia, the Yemen and the Sudan. The articles demonstrate the great wealth of the materials available, in a wide variety of languages, from archival documents to manuscripts and art works, as well as inscriptions and buildings, police records and divorce documentation. The topics covered are equally as varied and include Dufism, the festival of Nabi Musa, military organisations, doctors, and charity to name but a few.


Sufism and sanctity: the genesis of the wali Allah in Mamluk Jerusalem and Hebron / Daphna Ephrat -- The prince who favored the desert: fragmentary biography of al-Nasir Ahmad (d. 745/1344) / Joseph Drory -- Al-Nabi Musa: an Ottoman festival (mawsim) resurrected? / Amnon Cohen -- Some remarks on the inscription of Baybars at Maqam Nabi Musa / Reuven Amitai -- Sign of the times: reusing the past in Baybars's architecture in Palestine / Hanna Taragan -- A fourteenth-century Jerusalem court record of a divorce hearing: a case study / Donald P. Little -- The hoax of the miraculous speaking wall: criminal investigation in Mamluk Cairo / Carl F. Petry -- Awlad al-nas in the Mamluk army during the Bahri period / Amalia Levanoni -- Popular Sufi sermons in late Mamluk Egypt / Boaz Shoshan -- Physicians in Mamluk and Ottoman courts / Miri Shefer -- Evliya C╠želebi on imarets / Amy Singer -- Great fire in the metropolis: the case of the Istanbul conflagration of 1569 and its description by Marcantonio Barbaro / Minna Rozen and Benjamin Arbel -- Futuh-i Haramayn: sixteenth-century illustrations of the Hajj route / Rachel Milstein -- The forgotten province: a prelude to the Ottoman era in Yemen / Jane Hathaway -- Islam in the Sudan under the Funj and the Ottomans / Gabriel Warburg -- Observations on some religious institutions in Damiette and Faraskur in the eighteenth century / Daniel Crecelius -- The expropriation of the Pasha's peasants / Ursula Wokoeck.

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Routledge studies in Middle Eastern History
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London and New York
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