New Essays on Zionism

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A selection of articles addressing those fundamental questions that define the agenda for the Jewish state in the 21st century. Among the authors one can find key figures in the Israeli public dialogue, such as Ruth Gavison, Yoram Hazony, Michael Oren, Amnom Rubinstein, and Natan Sharansky.

The first volume of its kind, New Essays on Zionism presents the efforts of a new generation of Israeli thinkers to defend Zionism, philosophically and historically, against today's deepening skepticism of the national state. Going beyond mere critiques of post-Zionist trends to offer positive and constructive works of enduring value, these featured authors are now at the vanguard of contemporary calls for a revival of classical Zionist thought.

Persuasively argued and elegantly written, New Essays on Zionism is vital reading for anyone seeking an intellectual framework from which to address ideological opposition to Zionism and the Jewish state.


The Jewish state: a justification / Ruth Gavison -- The guardian of the Jews / Yoram Hazony -- On Zion: a reality that fashions imagination / Ofir Haivry -- The political legacy of Theodor Herzl / Natan Sharansky -- Zionism: a deviant nationalism? / Amnon Rubinstein -- The Zionist revolution in time / Eyal Chowers -- Zion and moral vision / David Hazony -- Dionysos in Zion / Assaf Sagiv -- The goldfish and the Jewish problem / Anna Isakova -- Imagine: on love and Lennon / Ze'ev Maghen -- Making history / Daniel Polisar -- Dispersion and the longing for Zion, 1240-1840 / Arie Morgenstern -- Did Herzl want a Jewish state? / Yoram Hazony -- Orde Wingate: father of the IDF / Michael B. Oren -- Ben-Gurion and the return to Jewish power / Michael B. Oren

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