Ottoman Empire and Islamic Tradition

TitleOttoman Empire and Islamic Tradition
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1972
AuthorsItzkowitz N
PublisherKnopf [distributed by Random House]
CityNew York

Norman Itzkowitz, Ph.D. 1959.

This skillfully written text presents the full sweep of Ottoman history from its beginnings on the Byzantine frontier in about 1300, through its development as an empire, to its late eighteenth-century confrontation with a rapidly modernizing Europe. Itzkowitz delineates the fundamental institutions of the Ottoman state, the major divisions within the society, and the basic ideas on government and social structure. Throughout, Itzkowitz emphasizes the Ottomans’ own conception of their historical experience, and in so doing penetrates the surface view provided by the insights of Western observers of the Ottoman world to the core of Ottoman existence.

Table of Contents

1. From Emirate to Empire
2. Ottoman Society and Institutions
3. The Post-Suleimanic Age
4. Ottoman Consciousness