The Ottoman Empire: The Classical Age, 1300–1600.

TitleThe Ottoman Empire: The Classical Age, 1300–1600.
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1973
AuthorsHalil İ., Itzkowitz N, Imber C
Series TitlePraeger History of Civilisation
PublisherPraeger Publishers
CityNew York

Co-translator Norman Itzkowitz, Ph.D. 1959.



A preeminent scholar of Turkish history vividly portrays 300 years of this distinctively Eastern culture as it grew from a military principality to the world's most powerful Islamic state. He paints a striking picture of the prominence of religion and warfare in everyday life, as well as the traditions of statecraft, administration, social values, financial, and land policies. "...masterly...Halil Inalcik is one of the foremost living students of Ottoman history...Read this book..."--Times Literary Supplement.