Ottoman Rule in Damascus, 1708–1758

TitleOttoman Rule in Damascus, 1708–1758
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1980
AuthorsBarbir KK
Series TitlePrinceton Studies on the Near East
PublisherPrinceton University Press
CityPrinceton, NJ
ISBN NumberCloth: 0691052972; paper: 9780691616001

Karl Barbir, Ph.D. 1977.

On the basis of new evidence from the Ottoman archives in Istanbul, Karl Barbir challenges the current interpretation of Ottoman rule in Damascus during the eighteenth century. He argues that the prevailing themes of decline and stagnation — usually applied to the entire century — in fact apply only to the latter half of the century. This discovery, he contends, affords a more balanced and realistic view of the Near East’s Ottoman past than previous studies have suggested.