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Princeton Papers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

Princeton Papers is a refereed journal published by Markus Wiener Publishers for the Near Eastern Studies Department, which is solely responsible for the content. Each issue is devoted to a single topic or theme under the supervision of a guest editor. Recent topics have included "Constellations of the Caucasus," “Culinary Approaches to Ottoman History,” “Sufism and Politics,” “The Ottoman Balkans,” and “The Islamic Middle East and Japan.” For descriptions of all seventeen volumes, please see the individual links below.

The Editorial Board welcomes proposals for thematic issues on any aspect of Middle Eastern Studies. Proposals for thematic issues should be addressed to William Blair, Managing Editor of Princeton Papers, at

Requests for permission to photocopy or for reprints should be sent to Markus Wiener Publishers, 231 Nassau Street , Princeton , NJ 08542 ; fax 609-921-1140; . Subscription orders should be sent to academic agents or the publisher. Single copy and back orders should be sent to the publisher.

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