Princeton Series of Middle Eastern Sources in Translation

Series editor Şükrü Hanioğlu

The purpose of this series is to provide reasonably priced translations into English of Middle Eastern sources. The first volume to appear is a partial translation of Kâtip Çelebi’s Tuhfet ül-Kibar fi Esfar il-Bihar, or The History of the Maritime Wars of the Turks, a seventeenth-century account of Ottoman naval history from the conquest of Constantimople to the author’s death in 1657. The second volume is an edition of Heinz Halm’s The Arabs: A Short History, which has been expanded to include the addition of 150 pages of annotated documents. The third volume is a collection of fatwas on Muslims living under non-Muslim rule.

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Jesse Ferris, Ph.D. 2008

כמעט אף אחד לא רצה שפקיסטאן תהיה מדינה גרעינית. אבל יום אחד זה קרה. כמעט אף אחד לא רצה שצפון קוריאה תהיה מדינה גרעינית. אבל יום אחד זה קרה. כמעט אף אחד לא רוצה שאיראן תהיה מדינה גרעינית. אבל יום אחד...יום אחד נצטרך להתחיל לדבר על האפשרות שגם זה יקרה. נצטרך להתחיל לשאול מה על ישראל לעשות אם וכאשר איראן, ואולי גם…


In 1908, the revolution of the Young Turks deposed the dictatorship of Sultan Abdulhamid II and established a constitutional regime that became the major ruling power in the Ottoman empire. But the seeds of this revolution went back much farther: to 1889, when the secret Young Turk organization the Committee of Union and Progress was formed. M…


Yusuf al-Qaradawi is one of the most influential Islamic scholars living in the Middle East today. Though classically trained in Islamic studies at al-Azhar, his religious and political thought has been heavily influenced by modernity. Using the ideas of prominent philosophers such as Kant and Hegel, as well as of…