The Rise of Historical Writing among the Arabs

TitleThe Rise of Historical Writing among the Arabs
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1983
AuthorsDūrī ʻAal-ʻAzīz, Conrad LI, Donner FM
PublisherPrinceton University Press
CityPrinceton, NJ
ISBN Number069105388X

Edited and translated by Lawrence I. Conrad, Ph.D. 1981; introduction by Fred M. Donner, Ph.D. 1975.

This is the first translation of a classic work (Bath fī nashʾat ʻilm al-tārīkh ʻinda al-ʻArab) by the eminent Arab historian A. A. Dūrī. Published in Beirut in 1960, Dūrī’s book was the first comprehensive effort to trace the origins and early development of Arab historical writing, and to resolve some extremely complex and still debated questions about the reliability of the Arabic historical sources.