Shiʻism, Resistance, and Revolution

TitleShiʻism, Resistance, and Revolution
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsKramer MS
Series TitleCollected papers series (Mekhon Shiloaḥ le-ḥeḳer ha-Mizraḥ ha-tikhon ṿe-Afriḳah)
PublisherWestview Press; Mansell Pub. Ltd.
CityBoulder; London
ISBN Number0813304539

Edited by Martin S. Kramer, Ph.D. 1982

Table of Contents

Preface -- Introduction -- Shi'ism, Islam, and the West -- The Shi'a in Islamic History -- Western Studies of Shi'a Islam -- Iran: Shi'ism and Revolution -- Shi'ism as Interpreted by Khomeini: An Ideology of Revolutionary Violence -- Mahmud Taleqani and the Iranian Revolution -- Islam and Social Justice in Iran -- Repetitions in the Iranian Revolution -- Iraq and the Gulf: Between Shi'ism and Arabism -- The Iraqi Shi'is and Their Fate -- The Islamic Republic's Foreign Policy in the Gulf -- Shi'i Unrest in the Gulf -- Lebanon and Syria: Protest of the Disinherited -- The Shi'is and the Lebanese State -- The Origins and Resurgence of Amal -- Lebanon's Shi'is After the 1982 War -- Syria's Alawis and Shi'ism -- South Asia: Frontier Shi'ism -- The Iranian Revolution and the Afghan Resistance -- The Shi'is of Pakistan -- Shi'i Identity and the Significance of Muharram in Lucknow, India