Süleyman the Magnificent and His Age: The Ottoman Empire in the Early Modern World

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İ. Metin Kunt, Ph.D. 1970


Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent (r.1520–1566) dominated the eastern Mediterranean and Ottoman worlds - and the imagination of his contemporaries - very much as his fellow sovereigns Charles V, Francis I and Henry VIII in the west. He greatly expanded the Ottoman empire, capturing Rhodes, Belgrade, Hungary, the Red Sea coast of Arabia, and even besieging Vienna. Patron and legislator as well as conqueror, he stamped his name on an age. These specially-commissioned essays by leading experts examine Suleyman's reign in its wider political and diplomatic context, both Ottoman and European.

Table of Contents

Note on spelling and pronunication of Turkish.
List of abbreviations. Notes on contributors.
Introduction. Metin Kunt, State and sultan up to the age of Süleyman: frontier principality to world empire.

Part I: 16th century Ottoman policies and problems.
Mentin Kunt, Introduction.
Ann Williams, Mediterranean conflict.
Salih Össbaran, Ottoman vaval policy in the south.
Géza Dávid, Adminsitration in Ottoman Europe.
Suraiya Faroqhi, Politics and socio-economic change in the Ottoman Empire of the later 16th century.

Part II: Ideal Sultan, Ideal State.
Christine Woodhead, Introduction.
P M Holt, The sultan and legitimation in early Ottoman history.
Peter Burke, Concepts of the `golden age' in the Renaissance.
Christine Woodhead, Perspectives on Süleyman.
List of maps.

Longman, 1995
London; New York