Tā̄rīkhiyāt: Majmūʻah-i Maqālāt va Taḥqīqāt-i Tārīkhī / Ḥusayn Mudarrisī

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Since 2007, five volumes of the collection of Modarressi's early (pre-1979) Persian articles have been published. These include volumes entitled Ijtima'iyat, Qummiyat, Sanadiyat, Kitabiyat, and Tarikhiyat. Having access to these reprints is most welcome given the fact that most of the articles included in these volumes were originally printed in now hard-to-find journals. The scope and span of these volumes reflect Modarressi's wide-ranging intellectual interest, from the legal, theological and social concerns of the Muslim community in the modern times, to history, local history, books and manuscripts, the art of diplomatics, literature, heresiography, theology, philosophy, and law. Vol. 5: Tarikhiyat offers 12 articles on various historical themes, treating topics such as the history of debates on the legality or illegality of smoking among different schools of Islamic law, the earliest examples of the New Persian from the first two centuries of Islam, the legal opinions of the early Khawarij and the Mu'tazila, two religious institutions in early Islamic administration, the meaning and significance of the concept of "descendant of the Prophet," the situation of the Shi'a community of Syria under the Mamluks, and the diplomatic relations between Iran and the first Saudi state (1744–1818).

Ayālāt-i Muttaḥidah
Niyū Jirsī