Time’s Covenent: Selected Poems

TitleTime’s Covenent: Selected Poems
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsOrmsby EL
CityWindsor, Ont.
ISBN NumberCased: 9781897231210; paper: 9781897231203

Eric L. Ormsby, PhD 1981

Bringing together all of the poems from Eric Ormsby’s five previous collections alongside a healthy selection of previously unpublished poems, this volume collects the work of one of the most important poets writing today in Canada — or elsewhere. Beautifully crafted, both complex and delicate, intelligent, sensuous and playful, these are poems to return to repeatedly.


Time’s Covenant is the volume to acquire if you find Ormsby’s work to your liking…. none of his poems is without merit.” – Quarterly Conversation

“The lyrics, as great poems are apt to be, are so rich and complex as to defy summation. Simultaneously concrete and abstract, optimistic and pessimistic, prayerful and irreverent, truthful and deceiving, Ormsby’s creations are singular, layered, and exciting.”—Canadian Literature

“While some may find Ormsby’s more ambitious sequential work (such as Araby) a little difficult, Time’s Covenant represents the best of all possible worlds: a gorgeous book picking out the best of the best from his considerable oeuvre, as well as a convenient introduction for those who may have missed his work to this point.”—Globe and Mail