A Way Prepared: Essays on Islamic Culture in Honor of Richard Bayly Winder

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Co-edited by Robert D. McCesney, B.A. 1967, Ph.D. 1973.

Table of Contents

Preface by Farhad Kazemi & R. D. McChesney

Biography of Richard Bayly Winder

Bibliography of Richard Bayly Winder

The commerce of Mecca before Islam by F. E. Peters

Whence the Muslim conquest of Northern Mesopotamia? by Nadine F. Posner

Russia's relations with the Mamluk Beys of Egypt in the late eighteenth century, by Daniel Crecelius

The loan of mursad on Waqf properties, by Randi Beguilhem-Schoem

Ilyas Qudsi on the craft organizations of Damascus in the late nineteenth century, by R. D. McChesney, trans

Ibn Taymiyah's empiricism, by Nicholas Heer

Islamic textuality in light of poststructuralist criticism, by Richard C. Martin

Subordinance and dominance: non-Muslim minorities and the traditional Islamic state as perceived from above and below, by Norman A. Stillman

Geometry and ideology : the festival of Islam and the study of Islamic art, by Oleg Grabar

Universal solutions to problems of spherical astronomy from Mamluk Egypt and Syria, by David A. King

Fatimid under glaze painted wares: a chronological readjusment, by George T. Scanlon

Women and politics in an Arabian Oasis, by Christine Eickelman

How could something so right go so wrong?: the collapse of Lebanon's ethnoconfessional democracy, by John P. Entelis

The immortal Ataturk : psychobiography as autobiography, by Norman Itzkowitz

Ménage à quatre: the making of agrarian policy in Senegal, by John Waterbury. 

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