The West, Christians, and Jews in Saudi Arabian Schoolbooks

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Analyzes the results of an examination of 93 Saudi textbooks on various subjects for grades 1-10, mostly from the years 1999-2002. In all of these, Islam is presented as the only true religion, while all other religions are false. Consequently, Christians and Jews are denounced as infidels and enemies of Islam and Muslims. It is forbidden to befriend or emulate them. The Saudi textbooks ascribe the most abhorrent qualities to Jews. Jews are depicted, throughout their history, in a stereotyped and prejudiced manner, beginning with the description of Jews as enemies of the Prophet Muhammad and ending with "the occupation of Palestine". The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is taught as an authentic document. Anti-Zionism has a prominent place in Saudi textbooks; Israel is not recognized as a state and is absent from maps, which designate its territory as "occupied Palestine". War and "jihad" are advocated rather than a peaceful solution of the Middle East conflict.

Table of Contents

Overview and Introduction

1. The Saudi Arabian Educational System

2. Saudi Arabia and Islam

3. Judaism, Christianity, and their Respective Followers

4. The West

5. The Jews in History

6. Zionism

7. The Issue of Palestine

8. The Attitude to Israel

9. Jihad, Martyrdom, and Terror

10. Notions about Government and Society


Appendices and List of Sources

Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace, American Jewish Committee
New York